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Price: $4.99
Owners: unknown

I watched the video for this  AutoPilot-Cash system after receiving a facebook post and I still don’t know what it does. Now there are a lot of auto pilot systems out there to help you make cash in different ways, but the one I am talking about has the hyphen in the name.

plane-1094758_960_720A person clicks on a link for the system.  If they decide to buy into the system, for only $5, the program will randomly pick a name from the list of people who have signed up and they will get the referral fee. When you sign up, you are guaranteed 5 sign up referrals, if you sign up for that rotation.  So, you pay $5 to make $20.  Ok, for a few bucks I guess.  If you listen to the video, after you have received your 5 signups, they will delete you from that  rotator for guaranteed sign ups.  Now, you are in a rotator with everyone else.  How many are there?  Who can say?  And on top of that, it says it selects your link randomly.  Wow, who knows when you’ll get a commission again?

They state it is all on autopilot, all you need to do is collect your money.  “Tons of $5
commissions” they say, but you do have to agree to post the link on a daily basis for 30 minutes, so it’s not quite autopilot.  Can you find 30 places to post your link?  Shouldn’t take more than a minute each right?

They do provide 12 publications to download, (though they mention over 600 are available), but none of them are explained before you buy and you can hardly see the titles. From what I can see, the titles range from SEO, facebook posts, blogging, script installers, making logos and videos.  Seems like a lot to read and do for a 30 minute workday. You’ll get a Facebook group list, sample ads, a guide to Google+ marketing and other marketing strategies.  Most are items you can get for free anyway by searching

They have a 100% guarantee, but yet they don’t give back your money.  They also state that you will have to work on this, but it is the easiest way to make money from home.  Reading 600 books?  Membership is non-refundable since you will have instant access to all the training materials as soon as you have paid.  So what is their guarantee?  When I clicked on the image for the guarantee it did nothing, which apparently is what the guarantee is.  Want to contact someone about a question?  Just fill out the contact form and wait for someone to get back to you.  No where on the site does it mention a name, address or phone number.guarantee

Remember I said you have to post a link everyday? On one of their member sites, it states you have to post THEIR link on Facebook for the rotator that guarantees you 5 commissions and they have to verify the ad before you get into the rotation.  How’s that for trust?  THEN, when you do get a commission (which is sent to Payspree that you sign up for it’s free), you’ll get an email with the email address of the person wanting to join the autopilot rotator.  You are required to respond with an email template they provide within 20 minutes to 2 hours.  What about all those claims of making money while you sleep?  Guess you’ll be getting up often to send your email to make sure they have received the instructions and ads they paid for.  Or pay for a system to send the emails for you if one exists.

I don’t like paying money or filling out a lot of info and jumping through hoops just to get information.  After spending an hour+ at their site, I don’t know much more than when I started.  If you work that hard to say the same thing over and over and not really say anything, then you probably need to be hiding it.  Once everyone knows your secret you’re doomed.  No more commissions. Maybe the hook is that it is only $5 and that isn’t much to lose when the opportunity seems so big.  But a bunch of losers can add up to a lot of money. This isn’t for me.

I’ll take Wealthy Affiliate anytime.  Step by step training, 2 free websites, you can speak with the owners and get live help.  Everything you need to create a successful business.  So here is my final review:

Which one would you prefer?

If you have had any experience with the AutoPilot-Cash system let me and everyone else know.

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