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Yes! You heard correctly. You can create your own online business for only 82 cents a day. Do you want to learn how? Do you want to stop working for someone else? Even if you don’t know how, you can do it!

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I was in the military and when I got out I worked as a real estate agent. Pretty good money, but you never knew when you were going to get paid. And sometimes you did a lot of work and the deal fell through and you were paid nothing for your time and energy! So then, I joined everyone else and started a 9 to 5 job. There were meetings, training, and I had to be at work everyday at the same time. I had enjoyed working my own hours and taking vacation when I wanted to in the real estate world. This wasn’t for me either, I decided. I wanted the best of both worlds. I wanted to know when I was going to get paid and work my own hours. That’s when I learned about Wealthy Affiliate.


Wealthy Affiliate is an Education Platform

Wealthy Affiliate (or WA for short) is an online marketing and website building education opportunity. You’ll receive training, resources and support while you learn to create and run your affiliate marketing business at your own pace. Not into affiliate marketing? That’s ok, there are other forms of internet marketing you can learn. And you don’t need to know anything to get started.

Your training will take you step by step with 50 Online Entrepreneur Certification and 70 Affiliate Bootcamp lessons including website building tools, website hosting and support all at a low cost.

This Must Be A Scam!

You may wonder if this is a scam. I wondered that also, but check it out for yourself. With over 500,000+ members and a program that has been around for over 12 years, they must be doing something right.
Not sure if this is for you? You can start for FREE! You can create 2 websites and review the first 10 lessons. Then, if you want to learn more, upgrade to Premium for only $49.00 per month, with the first month at a $19.00 discount. Not only is the $49.00 monthly membership a steal for everything you get, but you can SAVE even more by becoming a yearly member at a cost of $359.00, which comes out to $29.92 per month.

But now with the Black Friday 2017 Sale, you can SAVE MORE! At $299.00 that comes out to $24.92 per month.

Black Friday Sale

With all the training that can be gained at Wealthy Affiliate, along with hosting up to 50 websites, free SSL Certificates, website speed, support and security packages, $24.92 per month seems quite reasonable to me. What about you?

You only have until November 27th to take advantage of the Ultimate Black Friday Sale that will make you money. So join now and create your free account and check it out for a few days. Then once inside the member’s area you can upgrade your Free Starter Membership to the Premium Yearly Membership at the sale price.

Free Starter Membership

If you cannot do the spectacular savings of $299 right now, remember, you can still join Wealthy Affiliate as a Free Starter member and then upgrade to Premium at the regular monthly rate of $19 for the first month and $49 for every month afterwards.

Either way you will be starting and running your online business for less than a cup of coffee every day.


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Hello, I am a Coast Guard veteran and I enjoy photography, gardening and my rescue dog, Trixie. All of these are great niches and won't be going away anytime soon. You can take advantage of these niches or others to create your online business. Explore affiliate marketing today and live your dream of financial freedom. You can create your free account by clicking the pop up below.