If you have a business, you should have a Facebook Fan Page. If you don’t, get one now. So now, you have your Facebook Fan Page and have lots of people viewing your page. You don’t want them to leave because they are annoyed with your bad habits.

How do you do this? It’s easy!
Review these 4 annoying habits and make sure you aren’t guilty of any of them.

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1. Ignoring Fans

As you post, people should be leaving you comments and liking and sharing your posts. The number of them doing so should increase. Make sure you check your posts daily so you can answer anyone with a question or reply to their comment.

2. Posting only about your company

Don’t just post about your company. Share posts from others, such as inspirational quotes or photos, share an update about another page, an event you are having or the latest news.

Of course, you still want to build your business and have fans visit your website. Isn’t that why you created a fan page?

  • Create a video for your YouTube channel
  • Blog about new business products or how tos
  • Blog about new ideas in your industry
  • Answer fan questions, share success stories

The ideas for content are endless.

3. Tagging too many pages or people

Remember that you are building a relationship with the people who visit your fan page. Make sure if you tag them that the content is meaningful and relates to them and not just a way to increase your reach.

If you tag users in posts that have nothing to do with them, you will lose them as a fan. You may also create privacy concerns for them.

So don’t lose a relationship that you’ve worked so hard to build, just to get a few more fans.

4. Getting fans to respond by being condescending

Ask questions of your fans that create interesting conversation. Don’t ask silly questions like “name a color that doesn’t have the letter E in it.” Ask them trivia questions, or post two photos and ask which they like better. Even better, take photos of a product and ask which portrays the item better and why. Try some fill in the blank questions. You’ve seen these types of call to action on facebook. How many have you responded to? Which did you like or not like?

So next time you log onto your fan page, consider eliminating these annoying habits. You’ll save time, keep fans and increase you ROI.
So what’s the first thing you do when you view your facebook page? Leave me a comment below.

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