So much of what I find on the internet is videos.  Whether it be a recipe, WA training, or a how to.  I like text. It is quick to read and easy to find what I am looking for.  But, sometimes you just have to watch a video of that cute kitten or puppy.  (I don’t have time for either of those, but I still need a faster computer).

​I have an older HP desktop computer and it has been running slow.  I decided I would upgrade the RAM as I have a large hard drive and a 1 TB external drive already upgraded.  I am not a geek in any sense of the matter, but I can switch out RAM modules and add hard drives.   So, I got my computer specs and started my research. 

Technology says you need around 4-8GB RAM nowadays as a minimum.  Ok, I have 3GB over 2 slots. 8GB will be really nice and it didn’t seem too expensive, so I thought I would get 2 – 4GB memory cards.  I’m sure they aren’t called memory cards, but you get the idea.  I told you I wasn’t a geek!   At least it will be cheaper than buying a new computer.  It’s hard to find a computer without WIN10.  I liked WIN10, but my monitor and other peripherals weren’t so happy with it.  After updating everything to WIN10, it seemed everyday was a new adventure of something else that needed an upgrade due to WIN10 even though it said everything was compatible and supposedly ready.  Finally, I reverted back to WIN7.

So, to continue my research.  As I was getting ready to order some RAM, I happened to have a thought.  How much RAM can my motherboard handle?  You didn’t realize there was a limit either did you?  I had no idea where to start with that one.  I knew I had two memory slots. I started searching how to tell how much RAM I could have.  I wasn’t getting far and the articles were very technical.

Then I came across an article by that said I could download their Crucial System Scanner software and it would tell me what my computer specs were and what upgrades were compatible.  Yes!  So, I went to their site  and selected the system scanner.  (If you know what your specs are, you can provide your make, model and manufacturer and they will tell you what upgrades will work with your system.  I like the computer to work for me, so I selected the system scanner.  I checked them out before downloading and in a few minutes, I had what I needed.


I had my specs.  Don’t forget to save your scan. Yes, this sounded familiar.  After all, many years ago, I had selected these options.  I did have 2 slots I could use, but they could only handle 2GB each. I was stuck at 4GB. Well, even 1GB more should be helpful. Now that I knew what I could have, it was time to find out who had it at the best price.

UDIMM? voltage? pin count? speed? ECC or non-ECC? What!? I was beginning to believe buying a new computer would be easier. More research. Other companies had the RAM at about half the cost, but what the heck was the difference between a DDR3L and a DDR3?  Did it matter?  I have learned dealing with computers that you’d better get it right.  More research.  I was realizing that this was taking longer than it took to create a WA website.  So, I had found better prices, but he shipping was more than the item and it was coming from China.  Nothing against China, I just wanted the RAM this year.

I decided that had done all the work for me.  They provided a very useful website and had everything I needed.  Though it may cost more, I now knew that they were reputable and my RAM modules would work on my system.  I placed my order and gave them glowing reviews on their survey.  There are also video installation guides, there’s those videos, need more RAM yet, and detailed information about memory.

So. if you have a computer issue and need to upgrade,  I recommend  You’ll be working on your new WA website in just minutes.  I spent over a week trying to figure all this out.

Something else that I realized.  How many people are coming to your site and then going elsewhere because it offers the same thing as everyone else and they just want the product at a better price?  Make sure you have something of value, a reason for them to buy from you and not somewhere else.  I know that Crucial can tell me what I need and quickly and save me time, which is money, and that is worth paying a bit more.

Have you had difficulty upgrading your computer?  Have you found an easy way to find your computer specs ?  What was it?  Feel free to share it with us.


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