The other day, I was speaking with a friend that was having issues with her wordpress site. Her site, an animal rescue group near me in Andalusia, AL, has had to use a Google calendar to post info about events and adoption times. She has been having trouble getting any calendar to work with her theme. I told her about the wealth of knowledge available at Wealthy Affiliate and that I would try to assist her.  I knew, eventually, I would need to know what wordpress theme is used on her website.

Whatwordpress theme is used


So I started researching calendars. I found that there are calendar plug ins and that some themes have a calendar widget. Not knowing what theme she had, I realized I had to find that out first. There may already be a widget in her theme she could use that she doesn’t know about. I went to her site, but there was no info about the theme. Since I didn’t want to call her over one question and bother her, I googled to find out how I would determine her wordpress theme. It would be good info to have anyway, as I sometimes see websites that I like and would want to know the theme used for future reference.


My first search brought me to Codeable and how to determine the wordpress theme by using the source code. It said to right click the page and select inspect from the menu. Then to look for the CSS style and a folder about themes. It all looked Greek or you could say Geek to me. I didn’t see anything that looked like folders. I browsed around a bit, but I couldn’t find anything similar to what they were talking about.  This isn’t helpful.

*Note:  When I went back to complete this article, I found the directions a bit different.

  • Visit the desired website with your browser
  • Right-click anywhere on the page and select “Inspect” to get the specific source code of that page
  • Look for the CSS file, usually called style.css and normally located in /wp-content/themesfolder. To do it easily: just click cmd + F on Mac or ctrl+F on Windows and type “style.css”
  • Double click and copy the whole link in which the style.css is located in a new tab/window on your browser (see the image above)
  • You should now be on the style file with the name of WordPress theme right at the top, like this:
info about wp theme


When I tried these directions, it worked! It didn’t look exactly like it said it would, but the info was there.  Still looks a bit confusing to me and a lot if info to read through.  I decided to check the next search engine result.

(I hope you can see the notes on the right side of the page.  I’m not real versed in marking up screenshots.)

How to determine what wordpress theme is used by searching the source code


Then I found this! WP Theme Detector. Just enter the URL of the website and it does all the work.  Here is the version, the theme, info on styles and widgets.

Using wp theme detector to determine what wordpress theme is used

You can also see how popular the theme is and since there is a link to download , you don’t have to search for the theme elsewhere.  And if you are interested in plugins, those are listed also.  In this case, they use a PetFinder plugin I didn’t even know such a thing existed.  You may find plugins that are useful to your site that you weren’t aware of.


what plug ins are installed on this wordpress theme

I’m sure there are other sites that will tell you what wordpress theme is being used, but mostly, I found WP Theme Detector to be quick, simple and provide the info I need.

Do you have any experience with other wordpress theme detectors?  Let me know and I’ll share it for everyone.


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